Yamaha Receiver RX-V Series


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Control4 IP Driver for Yamaha RX-V Series receiver


Driver Introduction

The T4Control IP Driver will introduce you to a whole new level of integration with your receiver Yamaha. Designed to be reliable, it has been developed with the most sofistcated design patters and security. With the flexibility of IP connection, you can take full control of the receiver on the palm of your hands.

The integration with Control4 provides the user the best experience.


Reliable IP based control.

Power, volume, bass, zones feedback.

Control two diferent zones, turn speakers ON and OFF independently.

Up to 23 surround modes integrated.

Discrete level controls (bass, treble, etc).

Supports Spotify, AirPlay, Pandora, Net radios, AM/FM and several audio/video inputs.

4 Programable Scenes


SCENE_1 to SCENE_4: select scenes on the receiver.

SPEAKER_A_ON / SPEAKER_A_OFF: turn ON or OFF the speaker on Main Zone (2 Zones must be enabled in the receiver, check receiver's user manual)

SPEAKER_B_ON / SPEAKER_B_OFF: turn ON or OFF the speaker on Zone B (2 Zones must be enabled in the receiver, check receiver's user manual)

Direct_Mode_ON: turn ON the direct mode.

Direct_Mode_OFF: turn OFF the direct mode.

_3D_CINEMA_ON: turn ON 3D Cinema Mode

_3D_CINEMA_OFF: turn OFF 3D Cinema Mode

ENHANCER_ON: turn ON Enhancer mode

ENHANCER_OFF: turn OFF Enhancer mode

ADAPTIVE_DRC_ON: turn ON Adaptive DRC mode

ADAPTIVE_DRC_OFF: turn OFF Adaptive DRC mode

EXTRA_BASS_ON: turn ON Extra Bass

EXTRA_BASS_OFF: turn OFF Extra Bass

POWER_ON: turn device ON

POWER_OFF: turn device OFF

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